Once Upon A Time inSteveston

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Once upon a time in Steveston, a show called Once Upon A Time filmed it’s pilot episode, magically transforming Moncton into the fictional streets of Storybrooke.

Over the course of three cold days in February, the ABC crew moved in, emptied storefronts, hung signs, decorated walls, and added fairytale touches to most of the businesses between 1st and 2nd Avenue. We’re getting our first look at the results in this brand new trailer for the upcoming TV series.

Steveston filming with Artisans Galleria, Cannery Cafe and Pacific Net & Twine in background

Once Upon a Time – Filmed in Steveston behind a fence prop with Cannery Cafe in background

Once Upon a Time – Steveston Filming facing Nikaido and Serenity

Once Upon a Time premieres October 23, 2011 8/7c on ABC. Come back and tell what other storefronts will join the likes of Nikaido, Serenity, Cannery Cafe and Pacific Net & Twine in the background!


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