Stevestagram “Big & Small” Winner

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Since launching a delicious Stevestagram contest with Bells Bake Shop, we received many creative entries, each with its own interesting interpretation of the “Big & Small” theme. With the choices narrowed down and our guest Twitter judges @CJPPHOTOS, @erin337, and @chelsea_mck sending in their scores, we have arrived at a winner. Presenting our latest Stevestagram prizewinner, Jen vanH.

Stevestagram “Big & Small” winning entry by @ducosbuzz

Jen will be ordering up both a regular and giant sized cupcake soon, and in the meantime we would like to thank all these finalists who came so close with their entries both big and small:

See all #bellsinsteveston entries…

Stay tuned, snapshot hotshots, as we announce the next Stevestagram theme and prize soon.

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