Top 2011 #4: Diner No. 1 (CLOSED)

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Top 2011 #4: Diner No. 1We officially launched inSteveston on the day before Canada Day, and since then we’ve been bringing you everything weird, wacky and wonderful about this town. All week we’re counting down the top 5 posts of inSteveston’s first 6 months, and number 4 on our list features the newly opened Diner No. 1. (CLOSED 2014)

The building that Diner No. 1 resides in has seen a lot of changes throughout its history. When we originally published our article “New Beginnings for Diner No. 1” we received a lot of feedback through our blog, Twitter and Facebook account regarding people’s opinions about those changes. We loved hearing back from the community in this way, and it was very interesting to see how passionate people were, but the fact of the matter is, for Diner No. 1, it’s not about the past it’s all about the future. Alfredo and his team are working hard to deliver good food and good service to the community of Steveston, but there are still a couple of kinks they are working out as they continue to refine their menu. In the meantime, they’ve done a good job giving back to the community by participating in events like Trick or Treat Steveston, Steveston ‘Staches Whisker Weekend, and hosting our Movember wrap up party.

So read on if you’d like to learn a little bit more about the folks behind Diner No. 1, what issue people took with the article, and why their new beginnings were our 4th most popular blog post of 2011.


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