Top 2011 #5: Steveston Village Maternity

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Top 2011 #5: Steveston Village MaternityWe officially launched inSteveston on the day before Canada Day, and since then we’ve been bringing you everything weird, wacky and wonderful about this town. All week we’re counting down the top 5 posts of inSteveston’s first 6 months, starting with the birth of a store that’s charmed Steveston shoppers since the summer.

A new store opening is always an exciting event for our village, and Steveston Village Maternity was no exception. Ever since we posted our mini-interview with new store owners Ben and Beth Fairchild, our site has seen continued traffic from people seeking out the store. We were impressed with their initial offerings back then, but they are constantly expanding their inventory to include even more unique maternity clothing and inventive baby accessories.

When they first started it was mostly Ben running the shop, but now Beth is just as familiar a sight behind the counter and in the village. Together they were one of the first to sign on to our big Movember initiative, and through the collective efforts of their customers (not to mention Ben’s impressive facial growth) they managed to raise a substantial $903 for prostate cancer research.

We’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know these Steveston residents over the past few months, and no matter what you’re looking for in the village, we feel it’s always worth stopping by to say hi. Judging by the rankings of their page on our site, the community feels the same way.

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